Jon Sterngold, M.D.


Dr. Jon Sterngold has been a practicing physician for 40 years, primarily as a board-certified Emergency Medicine doctor, but also doing preventative and functional medicine.  Additionally, he has had a counseling practice for most of his career that is a blend of personal life coaching and 'Behavioral Activation' - supporting active behavior that facilitates health, well-being and fulfillment as the most direct path to mental health, happiness and peace of mind.

He has received formal life coaching training and certification from the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT).

A Stanford University graduate, Dr. Sterngold opened his practice for counseling and life coaching at TrueNorth Health in 2013.  When counseling medical patients suffering from a variety of persistent ailments, he brings a unique skill set and depth of experience, both professional and personal, to the table.