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About TrueNorth Health Center

TrueNorth Health Center is a multi-doctor, multi-discipline health care facility offering an alternative approach to the restoration and maintenance of optimum health. We believe that health results from healthful living, and endeavor to teach our patients how to eat and live healthfully.

We specialize in medically supervised fasting, and are conducting clinical research to investigate the role of a fasting and an exclusively whole plant food diet that is free of added sugar, oil and salt, in the management of a variety of conditions including: diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders and lymphoma.

We have been in Sonoma County for over 33 years, and operate an outpatient clinic staffed by our doctors of medicine, naturopathy, chiropractic and psychology. Our in-patient operation is housed in a 40,000+ -square-foot, 58-bed facility, where we offer a residential health education and fasting supervision program. We also operate the TrueNorth Health Kitchen's Deli service, providing the convenience of affordable, health-promoting, vegan, SOS-free food to our patients. 


The following positions are available:



Front Office Manager

TrueNorth Health Center is seeking a positive, engaging, customer oriented individual as a Front Office Manager and Customer Service Specialist in a clinical, in-patient and out-patient setting.

Primary to the job is a friendly and positive customer care attitude – greeting patients and responding to their questions and concerns.

Job entails:

  • Answering phones
  • Responding to physician needs
  • Extensive utilization of medical computer system
  • Checking in and interacting with patients residing at the facility
  • Selling retail products
  • Resolving patient issues and requests with the utmost concern for patient care and support

Full time if desired.

Send brief letter of interest and resume (2 page maximum) to Dr. Dave Veazey:

If you have any questions, contact Dave Veazey at: 707-586-5555 ext.1025.



Dishwasher/Kitchen Prep

The position of Dishwasher/Kitchen Prep is open and available for a hard-working, friendly, and health-conscious kitchen worker who desires to work in a healthy, innovative kitchen. Position is part-time or full-time depending on availability. The right candidate will take pride in maintaining a good work ethic, be compassionate and friendly with patients, and have a personal commitment to healthful living. Hotel and/or medical facility experience is a bonus.

Candidates must be able to:

  • Display strong physical and mental effort
  • Work together with others as a team to complete daily duties
  • Be oriented to provide thoughtful guest service
  • Be effective and efficient
  • Interact in a friendly, articulate, and helpful manner with staff and guests
  • Dedicate yourself to service and quality
  • Focus on a high level of cleanliness while working with food and kitchenware
  • Arrive at work on time and work with a good attitude
  • Demonstrate good personal and work hygiene
  • Communicate with our English-speaking patients with ease
  • Work some weekend hours

To be considered for the above position, please send your letter of interest to:

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Dave Veazey at: 707-586-5555, ext.1025.



Clinical Administrator

TrueNorth Health Center seeks a full-time, full-charge clinical administrator. Requires licensure as an MD, DO, DC, ND, PA, NP, or RN.

Duties include:

  • Scheduling and supervision of our medical assistants, interns, residents, and support staff.
  • Twice daily rounds on in-patients and active clinical collaboration with our research staff.

Must be highly competent in taking medical history, performing physical exam procedures, and accurately recording patient data. This job involves EXTENSIVE interaction with fasting patients. This is a full-time full immersion job with a compensation package that includes: on-site housing, utilities, meals, and salary commensurate with experience. Must be fully versed and personally committed to the application of an exclusively whole plant-food diet free of added salt, oil and sugar. Knowledge of and comfort with medically supervised fasting desirable.

The provider would NOT be maintaining a private practice and would NOT be the primary doctor for admitted patients but rather providing oversight on all 60-70 patients currently under active in-patient care. This is essentially a “hospitalist” type of role.

Please send resume and letter of interest to:

Dr. Alan Goldhamer -



Medical Assistant

The ideal candidate will be:

  • Exceptionally detail-oriented
  • Able to display outstanding  patient contact skills and offer superb customer service
  • Physically able to climb multiple flights of stairs per day
  • CPR certified
  • Skilled conducting patient rounds with doctors and taking vitals; performing in-office tests such as urinalysis, EKG, and spirometry; recording data in our electronic medical records
  • Phlebotomy certified
  • Able to function as a practice extender for our medical doctors, including responding to doctors’ emails and relating instructions to patients; interacting with kitchen staff to facilitate patients’ nutritional needs; answering the in-house patient phone and responding to patient requests
  • Enthusiastic about offering support with other duties such as helping schedule blood draws, making appointments, and answering patient questions
  • Highly skilled using computers and learning new software
  • An articulate and clear communicator
  • Committed to healthful eating and living
  • A non-smoker

Full or part-time schedule available. Benefits include onsite medical services including medically-supervised water-only fasting, paid time off, vegan meals, and a supportive team.

Please contact Dr. Dave Veazey to schedule an interview at: 707-586-5555 ext.1025.

Resumes may be emailed to:



Clinical Internship

TrueNorth is seeking individuals with a DC, DO, LAc, MD, ND, PA, RD, RN, or a student working toward the degree. TrueNorth Health Center provides an environment which will allows the body to heal itself through diet, sleep, exercise, and water-only fasting.

Duties include:

  • Visiting water fasting patients twice daily, taking vitals, recording symptoms and working closely with staff and staff doctors
  • Evening and overnight on-call hours are required in addition to weekend work

Internships are a minimum of 4 weeks (29 nights) long.

Send brief letter of interest to: