Yoga with Alese: Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga

Yoga with Alese
Run Time: 
112 minutes


Experience all the benefits of yoga without the strain or stress! This DVD contains two classes: My Gentle Yoga, and Chair Yoga.

My Gentle Yoga class applies basic, softer yoga postures for legs, spine and abdomen. When practiced consistently, Gentle Yoga improves your strength and flexibility while helping you realize deeper and prolonged periods of tranquility and relaxation. The slower meditative flow of Gentle Yoga is an important class for beginners and for experienced practitioners interested in deepening their awareness. The class begins with a seated centering exercise then takes you through several standing, kneeling and seated postures. It ends with a 20-minutes reclined sequence, including deep relaxation for ultimate renewal. (runs for 66 minutes)

Chair Yoga is one of the gentlest and safest forms of yoga available today. In this class you experience simple yoga postures in a seated position with a few standing postures using the support of the chair for blance. My Chair Yoga class is not only easy on the body offers the same mind-body benefits of a traditional class, including reduced stress and enhanced relaxation. Whether you are experiencing physical limitations, simple want to feel good, or are looking fora a new new stretches to do while sitting at a desk or on an airplane, this is the series for you! (runs for 45 minutes)

About Alese:

Alese's teaching is grounded in over 25 years of experience of asana and 10 years of meditation. She received her teacher training in 1982 from Swami Satchidananda's Integral Yoga Certification, and Yin/Mindfulness certification from Sarah Powers in 2000. Alese's path is devoted to truth, love and service and to inspire her students to embrace a more conscious and awakened life. Her skilled approach and intuitive abilities, combined with years of experience make her classes deeply rewarding and enjoyable.

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