Toshia Myers, Ph.D.

Dr. Toshia Myers is a research scientist with more than 15 years of experience. She became fascinated with cellular biology during her undergraduate studies at the Ohio State University and went on to earn a Doctorate of Philosophy in Biological Sciences from Columbia University. Most recently, she completed a Danish Cancer Society postdoctoral fellowship in the emerging field of epigenetics.

Her own healing journey led Dr. Myers to discover the importance of diet and lifestyle in maintaining optimal health. The impact of eating a whole foods diet and reducing stress was so profound that she became a health coach and yoga teacher in order to share her practical insights with others. She enjoys a happy, healthy life of movement, meditation, creativity, and travel.

Dr. Myers believes that everyone can benefit from knowledge about natural health practices. This is why she is happy to be a part of the TrueNorth Health team, conducting evidence-based research on the effects of fasting and dietary intervention on human health. She also offers a scientific consulting service to educate patients and help them interpret the scientific literature relevant to their health concerns and the specific medical and surgical interventions recommended to them. This service supports patients in making well-informed decisions about their treatment options.