Veronika Lenzi

Veronika “Ronnie” Lenzi joined TrueNorth in the summer of 2014. She found out about TrueNorth as a patient of Dr. Goldhamer’s when his practice was in Rohnert Park; and she has continued to see him for adjustments. After learning massage in 2011, and recently deciding to do less traveling, Ronnie approached TrueNorth as a massage therapist and was happily welcomed to the TrueNorth family. As a body worker at TrueNorth, Ronnie has met some amazing people and heard fascinating personal stories of accomplishments. She believes that when you work with clients you are not only their healer but their listener as well, and she loves to be there for clients in their need to share their life story. Ronnie’s work doesn’t end on the massage table; she loves to share her knowledge by suggesting stretching techniques and massage tools that will aide clients in their personal health maintenance. Ronnie loves the amazing caring people of TrueNorth, not only the staff but the patients as well. Patients are on a life-changing journey and she’s thrilled to be a part of it. Ronnie lives in Petaluma, a place she is happy to call home, and travels to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many other exciting places to work with professional cyclists. Although the traveling is amazing, the days are long and hard. She is slowly settling down and building her own bodywork practice in addition to working at TrueNorth.