Is Fasting Safe? A Chart Review of Adverse Events During Medically Supervised Water-Only Fasting

Submitted on October 20, 2018 - 3:18pm

Evidence suggests that fasting, during which only water is consumed, results in potentially health promoting physiological effects. However, peer-reviewed research assessing the safety of water-only fasting is lacking. To address this, we conducted a chart review to describe adverse events (AEs) that occurred during medically supervised, water-only fasting.

To read the full 7 page study, assessing patients fasting at the TrueNorth Health Center - please click on the file link below. To our knowledge this is the first peer-reviewed assessment of adverse events experienced during medically supervised, water-only fasting.

"Overall, our data indicate that the majority of AEs experienced during medically supervised, water-only fasting are mild to moderate in nature and are known reactions to fasting. This suggests that the TNHC protocol can be safely implemented in a medical setting with minimal risk of a severe or SAE. This study also provides a basis by which further research into the safety and efficacy of this intervention can be conducted."

This study was published in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal.