2012 Winter Extravaganza

TrueNorth's annual 10-day Winter Extravaganza is quickly approaching! Last year's program was a huge success, and we expect this year's event to sell out quickly as well. New for this year, we are offering two 10-day programs, back to back. You can come for one or both! The focus of the program will be on healthy eating and cooking, exercise, and health education. Get ready to start the New Year off healthy and fit!

Program speakers: Speakers include TrueNorth staff doctors Alan Goldhamer, Doug Lisle, Jennifer Marano, Michael Klaper, Nathan Gershfeld, Alec Isabeau, and Gracie Yuen, as well as special guests, including Dr. Frank Sabatino, health director of the Regency Health Spa and Resort in Florida, and James Michael Lennon, former director of the National Health Association.

Cooking demonstrations: Chef Ramses Bravo will be joined by TrueNorth cooking instructors Cathy Fisher and Katelin Petersen, as well as special guest, Chef AJ. They will give daily cooking demonstrations on how to create plant-based meals that are free of oil, sugar and salt, with delicious samples to follow each class. (See below for more information.)

Exercise and other classes/presentations: There will also be classes on exercise and fitness, yoga, meditation, psychology, and brain/body interaction, as well as presentations on sleep, stress management, and more. Dr. Lisle will also be presenting important new information on depression and anxiety management.

Dates and rates: The first program will run from Dec. 13–23 and the second from Dec. 23–Jan. 2. STANDARD RATES apply for these two programs (exams and lab testing are optional for participants in this special program).

How to register: To register for one or both of the Winter Extravaganza programs, please complete two steps: first, update your health information REGISTER HERE then call (707) 586-5555 ext. 2022 to speak with Dr. Goldhamer to secure your accommodations. This is the LAST CHANCE to register since we are rapidly filling our available slots.

Hope to see you there!


Our chefs with a few of their dazzling dishes!

TrueNorth's head chef, Chef Ramses Bravo, is the author of the new cookbook Bravo!



Chef AJ, our guest chef, is the author of Unprocessed and her website is Chef AJ's Healthy Kitchen.



Cathy Fisher is a cooking instructor at TrueNorth, and her recipe website is StraightUpFood.com.



Katelin Petersen is a cooking instructor at TrueNorth, and her recipe website is PlantBasedKatie.com.