The Benefits of Water-only Fasting and Eating a Plant Food SOS-Free Diet

Listen to a podcast interview given by Dr. Alan Goldhamer. Dr. Goldhamer was interviewed by Shelby Stanger of Wild Ideas Worth Living
Shelby underwent a 5-day water fast at the TrueNorth Health Center, and shares some of her experience and outcomes from the fast.  
In this interview with Dr. Goldhamer, discover: 

  • how TrueNorth supports people to undo the habits that lead to dietary excess, through the provision of a whole, plant-food diet, free of added salt, oil, and sugar
  • how the healthful living approach helps many people to turn around their health, often from serious conditions, and return the body to how it is designed to be when diet is healthy, and exercise and sleep are regular  
  • learn about the difference between intermittent fasting and full water-only fasting
  • how the choice to immerse in full fasting opens up certain natural mechanisms within the body, that help accelerate the healing process
  • learn how fasting produces similar results when analysing biomarker levels, seen with those who exercise regularly 

Click here to listen to the audio interview (45 mins)