Fasting Can Save Your Life - DVD

Run Time
1 hr 7 min

This documentary was filmed at TrueNorth Health Center, following people through their fasting experience. The DVD looks at questions such as: What can fasting do for me? Should I be under medical supervision? Is a prolonged fast dangerous? How long should I fast? How do I end a long fast?

Fasting was once a common way of dealing with sickness and spiritual issues. In recent times, fasting for health has fallen into disuse, in deference to the quick-fix promise of modern drugs, which may only complicate and further drain the body's resources. Fasting is recently becoming a preferred method of treatment in conditions associated with heart disease, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, allergies and joint pain.

A properly conducted therapeutic fast can allow the body to rapidly mobilize and eliminate toxic and metabolic accumulations. Fasting allows the body to undergo radical metabolic change that is frequently associated with the normalization of body weight, blood pressure and circulation. Elevations of blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver enzymes and inflammation markers are often rapidly corrected. Fasting allows the body to do what it does best...heal itself!