The Willpower Paradox

Whenever we begin a new plan to make positive changes, willpower enters into the equation. Willpower is something that seems to be needed in order to override indulgent impulses and instead help us keep focused on making better long-term choices. But what exactly is willpower?

Is it a personality characteristic? A skill that can be learned? A special type of knowledge? In this eye-opening lecture, Dr. Doug Lisle explains startling new discoveries in the psychology of willpower. You will learn why judges can’t be trusted before lunch, why dogs have willpower that acts a lot likes ours, and why your goals can get a big boost if you start by cleaning your room.

In the end, learning about these discoveries will help you understand more about your own willpower and how to enhance it.

In the accompanying lecture, Dr. Lisle updates one of his most popular lectures on how to smoothly manage the social disturbances that can happen when you choose a life path that promotes your health and wellness. Be prepared to laugh as we see once again how to "Get Along Without Going Along."

  •     Solving the Mystery of the "Power" in Willpower
  •     Four Simple Steps to Boosting Your Resolve
  •     What Your Should Do When You’re Really Tempted

Douglas J. Lisle received his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Virginia. He was appointed Lecturer in Psychology at Stanford University, and is currently the psychologist for The McDougall Wellness Program. He is the Director of Research for the TrueNorth Health Center, and lectures nationally on topics including evolutionary psychology, cognitive therapy, and lifestyle modification. He is in private practice in Santa Rosa, California.