Digestive Tuneup


by Dr. John McDougall:

Thousands of people will be able to benefit from the medical advice found in Dr. McDougall's Digestive Tune-Up. This life-changing information shows how to heal intestinal illnesses through a non-invasive approach of diet and lifestyle changes.

According to Dr. McDougall, constipation, hemorrhoids, ulcers, IBS, and colitis are a few of the chronic digestive disorders that can be prevented and cured by eating a low-fat, cholesterol-free, plant-based diet. The reasons for this become apparent through a series of "office visits" by two fictitious, middle-aged patients who seek medical intervention in order to regain their health. Through these "visits" readers learn:

  • How their digestive system works
  • To identify the root causes of intestinal discomfort
  • Why "friendly" bacteria are necessary for overall health
  • How to take control of the healing process
  • How to avoid surgical procedures and expensive medications

This book covers topics that are often taboo in common conversation, with a candid, often humorous look. Easy to understand, the information covered will enable everyone to make more informed medical decisions and wiser dietary choices.

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