Power Sleep

by Dr. James Maas: Do your eyelids feel heavy during afternoon meetings? Do you sleep extra hours on weekend mornings? Do you use caffeine to stay...

Eat to Live

by Joel Fuhrman: When Mehmet Oz or any of New York's leading doctors has a patient whose life depends on losing weight, they call on Joel Fuhrman...

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease challenges conventional cardiology by posing a compelling, revolutionary idea:...

Program for Reversing Diabetes

by Dr. Neal Barnard: Offering new hope to millions, this new nutritional approach to diabetes will dramatically alter the way we think about treating...

Anatomy of an Epidemic

By Robert Whitaker: In this astonishing and startling book, award-winning science and history writer Robert Whitaker investigates a medical mystery:...

The Emperor of All Maladies

The Emperor of All Maladies is a magnificent, profoundly humane “biography” of cancer—from its first documented appearances...

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