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TrueNorth Health is a "Media Friendly" Company. We welcome the opportunity to work with journalists and authors to spread the word that health results from healthful living.

Our book is called The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health and Happiness. The links on this page will provide you access to information on The Pleasure Trap and its authors, Drs. Lisle and Goldhamer. Both doctors are available for interviews.

Excerpts from The Pleasure Trap


"Happiness is not a final destination. It is not a place you can find, and then stay forever. It is the temporary and repeatable consequence of a process, and comprises a diverse set of mood states that signal that we are on the right track. These experiences include productive satisfaction, pride, romantic moods, the enjoyment of friendships, and feelings of security and of relief." Excerpts continued

More Information on The Pleasure Trap

Biography of Authors

Douglas J. Lisle, Ph.D. Dr. Lisle is a graduate of the University of California at San Diego (Summa Cum Laude). He received the President's Fellowship and was a Dupont Scholar at the University of Virginia where he completed his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology... Click for more on Dr. Lisle

Alan Goldhamer, D.C.
Articulate, inspiring and energetic, Dr. Alan Goldhamer is one of health's most pioneering and dedicated visionaries. An outspoken professional who doesn't shy away from a spirited debate, he is deeply committed... Click for more on Dr. Goldhamer

Suggested Interview Questions for Douglas Lisle, Ph.D. and Alan Goldhamer, D.C.