Stephen Starkweather

Stephen Starkweather has studied massage therapy since the 1980s, and his specialties include Swedish, deep-tissue, and Shiatsu. His approach in both massage and hypnotherapy is compassionate and intuitive. He is a state-certified Massage Practitioner and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He runs a private practice ( He is thrilled to be a part of this very unique place, TrueNorth. He has a longtime interest in natural foods. He is also an avid runner and nature enthusiast. In 1979 he was juice fasting on his own in an effort to heal issues and feel better. That didn’t go too well but he developed a strong interest in macrobiotics. He was introduced to TrueNorth in 1993 as a patient, and started working as an outside provider in 2004, performing hypnotherapy for patients. Over the years he was a regular patient and underwent fasting in 2007, which actually cured his case of appendicitis. His position working within TrueNorth started in 2013 doing massage therapy.