What to Expect

What to Expect

TrueNorth Health operates a residential health education program. We are not a resort, a hotel or a health or medical facility. We have certain policies to which all must adhere in order to ensure a positive experience for all concerned:

Remaining at the Center during fasting: Participants undergoing fasting are requested to remain on the Center's property at all times throughout their stay, unless attending a scheduled medical appointment. Refusal to comply with this requirement will result in the termination of the participant from the program.

Forbidden at the Center: No tobacco, alcohol, recreational or illegal drugs, aerosol sprays, nail polish or remover, scented products, perfume, substances that create smoke or vapors, food, or drink of any kind should be brought to the Center.

Review "The Pleasure Trap": We encourage you to first read our book, The Pleasure Trap, Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health and Happiness.

Complete Personal Information and Medical History forms: Prior to admission, all participants must complete the Personal Information and Medical History forms. Click here. If you have questions about the admissions forms, our phone number is (707) 586-5555.


Medication: Bring all of your current medications and/or supplements that you have been instructed to take by licensed health care professionals. Also bring the bottles or at least the labels and copies of your prescriptions so that we may check dosing and manufacturer information. Do not discontinue your prescription medications without discussing it with the prescribing physician or with our medical consultants.

Clothing: Please bring casual, warm, layered clothing, including a robe, slippers, etc. Fasting participants may feel cold, even in the warmest months. Warm-up suits and walking shoes would be appropriate. The Center staff provides complimentary laundry service.

Personal items: Feel free to bring personal items, such as unscented personal toiletries, books, knitting, and materials for writing letters, etc. The Center provides unscented body wash, shampoo, and has hair dryers for your use.


During the current pandemic, we are not able to accommodate visitors at the Center. We will attempt to accommodate special circumstances. Please inform your visitors that smoking of any kind is not permitted in or around the Center.


All guests have their own private phone and voicemail box while at the Center. We provide complimentary local and long distance calling within the United States. Fax and copy services are available. Internet access is available on a shared computer in our library or on your personal lap-top computer over our high speed wireless internet system. 


Participants determine their length of stay. Our affiliated doctors can discuss your length of stay with you and provide advice on how to best utilize our program. Our experience shows that our fasting program is most successful when participants remain at the Center for a period of re-feeding of no less than half the length of the fast. For example, a patient fasting 14 days should stay at the Center for a total of at least 21 days.