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An Interview with Peter Sultana, M.D.

By Mark Huberman This interview originally appeared in the Winter 2015 issue of Health Science magazine, the member magazine of the National Health Association, of which interviewer Mark Huberman is the president. Peter Sultana, M.D. is a board-certified family physician in Santa Rosa, CA. His training includes a bachelor’s degree in… read more

Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss A form of calorie restriction, intermittent fasting may help you lose those extra pounds. By Jennifer Marano, D.C. For many people, following a whole-food, plant-based diet is the key to maintaining optimum weight and health. However, for some of us, strictly adhering to a health-promoting diet as well as… read more

Fasting: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications

This article originally appeared in the journal Cell Metabolism 19, February 4, 2014 Authors: Valter D. Longo and Mark P. Mattson Fasting has been practiced for millennia, but, only recently, studies have shed light on its role in adaptive cellular responses that reduce oxidative damage and inflammation, optimize energy metabolism, and bolster… read more

Jami Dulaney, MD interviews Dr. Goldhamer (podcast)

In this October 2014 audio podcast, Dr. Jami Dulaney and Dr. Alan Goldhamer discuss the benefits of water fasting to break the addiction of sugar, salt and oil as a means to transform into a lifelong nutrition plan of a plant based diet free of sugar, salt and oil. The message of this podcast is that people can take back their health and get off… read more

Alan Goldhamer, DC: Water Fasting—The Clinical Effectiveness of Rebooting Your Body

This interview originally appeared in Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal (IMCJ), June-July 2014, vol 13, no 3 Interview by Craig Gustafson Alan Goldhamer, DC, is the founder and education director of TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa, California. Under his guidance, the center has supervised fasts for thousands of patients and… read more

A way to reverse CAD (coronary artery disease)

Though current medical and surgical treatments manage coronary artery disease, they do little to prevent or stop it. Nutritional intervention, as shown in our study and others, has halted and even reversed CAD. Authors: Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr, MD; Gina Gendy, MD; Jonathan Doyle, MCS; Mladen Golubic, MD, PhD; Michael F. Roizen, MD; The Wellness… read more

GQ Article: How the Terrible, Insufferable Six-Day Water Fast Made Me a New Man

The below article was featured in the November 2013 issue of GQ Magazine.   What if there were a cure-all treatment for high blood pressure, migraines, chronic pain, arthritis, and, of yeah, fatness? The catch: You'll be really, really hungry. Ben Marcus spends a long and profoundly satisfying week on a strict diet of absolutely nothing… read more

A Case of Nonpharmacologic Conservative Management of Suspected Uncomplicated Subacute Appendicitis in an Adult Male

Reprinted from: The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Volume 17, Number 3, 2011, pp. 1–3 Abstract Background: Appendicitis is an acute condition of the abdomen that is treated with surgical intervention. Conservative treatment of appendicitis currently involves intravenous antibiotics. While conservative care is a useful tool in… read more

Resolving Corruption

Resolving Corruption: How to “Reboot” Your Brain so that Healthy Eating is Preferred By Alan Goldhamer, D.C. and Jennifer Marano, D.C. Reprinted from Health Science magazine, Spring 2012 Adopting a health-promoting diet in the modern world is among the most difficult challenges facing humans living in industrialized societies. … read more

What to Eat!

By Alan Goldhamer, D.C. and Jennifer Marano, D.C. Reprinted from Health Science magazine, Fall 2012   When readers of Health Science are asked, “What should I eat,” the first thing that probably springs to mind is to recommend a vegan, meaning plant-based, diet. But just recommending a vegan diet is not enough. The average… read more