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Fasting, Obesity, and Fighting Cancer - Alan Goldhamer

Originally uploaded July 7, 2023.

Dr. Alan Goldhamer joined the Fidias Podcast to discuss the important of water-only fasting. Watch this informative interview now!


Extended Water-Only Fasting to Treat Disease with Dr. Alan Goldhamer

"There's more understanding that people are getting sick and dying needlessly from diet excess consequences and that fasting may be perhaps one of the most effective ways of reversing the conse

The Amazing Benefits of Water Fasting

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Would you like to significantly increase your life span with maximum health and vitality? If yes - this podcast is for you!

InnerFight podcast

Dr. Alan Goldhamer joins the InnerFight podcast to discuss the benefits of water-only fasting.

Fasting the right way with Dr. Alan Goldhamer

Fasting the right way! Dr. Alan Goldhamer joins Dr. David Friedman on To Your Good Health Radio to talk about the benefits of fasting and eating a SOS-free diet. 


The Body’s Great RESET! Therapeutic Water Fasting with Dr. Alan Goldhamer

Dr. Alan Goldhamer took a deep dive into water-only fasting, and discussed the benefits of a whole-plant-food diet on the Healthcare 360 Podcast with Scott E. Burgess.

How Water-only Fasting Unlocks Secret Healing Powers

Tom Bilyeu invited Dr. Alan Goldhamer on Health Theory to explore the incredible benefits of water-only fasting. In this episode, Dr. Alan Goldhamer shares key fasting tips and discusses how diet plays a pivotal role in determining your overall health and longevity.

What’s Up with Water-only Fasting? – Dr. Alan Goldhamer

Dr. Alan Goldhamer joined Dave Asprey on Bulletproof Radio to discuss how medically supervised, water-only fasting can have a major impact on human health.

Water Fasting and the Joy of a SOS-Free Plant Based Diet with Dr. Alan Goldhamer

Dr. Goldhamer joins the Vitamin Joy Podcast to speak about the benefits of eating a whole-food, plant-based diet, and how this lifestyle can boost your overall health and immune system.