Suggested Interview Questions for Douglas Lisle, Ph.D. and Alan Goldhamer, D.C.

Authors of The Pleasure Trap

1. What is the Pleasure Trap and how do you escape it?

2. What is the Motivational Triad, and why is it making so many of us fat and unhappy?

3. What is the single, biggest myth most of us believe about health and happiness that could destroy our lives?

4. What is the most dangerous myth about healing that many physicians still believe, and that could eventually cost some patients years of their lives?

5. You say that overweight people are not just lazy and undisciplined, but that they're victims of innate instincts that no longer work in the modern world. Aren't you just making excuses for those of us who could lose weight if we simply exercised and stopped shoving so much food into our mouths?

6. You argue that modern medicine does not promote health. What are you talking about?

7. You say that happiness and pleasure are interconnected but not the same thing, and that many of us are sick and miserable because we short-circuit one to reach the other, and it's a life-altering mistake. What do you mean?

8. You argue that in many cases, water-only fasting can restore health. Most physicians would vehemently disagree with you. What data do you have to back up your position?

9. According to your book, the corporations who produce and distribute processed and fast foods are killing off our species. Aren't you exaggerating? After all, isn't that what the FDA is for? Wouldn't they halt production of specific foods if they were indeed 'deadly'? Aren't you being just a little bit overly dramatic?

10. You argue that the healthiest diet is one that consists of only fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and includes no fish, fowl, eggs, dairy products and no added oil, salt, or sugar. Isn't that far too extreme for most people?

11. Your recommended diet flies in the face of the American Medical Association's guidelines that encourage eating a balance of the Four Basic Food Groups. How can you be right and the oldest most respected medical institution in the country be wrong?

12. What's the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian, and which are you?

13. What's the single, most controversial viewpoint you have about health and how can you back it up?

14. You say that most doctors, even those who practice alternative and holistic medicine, look for health in the wrong place. What do you mean?

15. According to your book, the secret to health isn't adding things like food supplements and vitamins, but subtracting the unhealthy excesses. Give us an example.

16. You argue that all of us are designed by nature to pay attention to what we're not getting enough of and not what we have too much of. Why is that such a big deal?

17. You say before we can save the planet, we have to save ourselves. What do you mean by that?

18. If the release of this book could achieve just one goal, what would you want that to be and why?

19. Your views on health have ignited some rather heated and engaging debates on the subject. What's the most rewarding exchange you ever had with another colleague who challenged some of your perspectives and why?

20. What's next for Doctors Douglas Lisle and Alan Goldhamer?