The Pleasure Trap

The Pleasure Trap

In The Pleasure Trap, Drs. Douglas Lisle and Alan Goldhamer provide detailed advice on how to recognize the patterns of this trap in your own life and overcome its negative influence. They explain:

The unexpected twist in the relationship between happiness and pleasure and why so many lives are ruined because of it.

Why we're poorly equipped psychologically to understand that it's the excesses in our diets, not the deficiencies that are killing us and how to overcome this mental blind spot.

Why taking supplements and vitamins can be counterproductive to good health.

How the secret to maintaining optimum weight doesn't lie in how much you eat, but in what you eat.

The sumptuous, health-promoting diet that nature intended and modern society has forgotten, and how to bring its life-enriching benefits into your own home.

How to maintain your strength and integrity in the face of social pressure opposing healthy living.

Why animal products are such tempting Pleasure Trap foods and how to overcome those overwhelming cravings.