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Bravo - Simple and Delicious Vegan Recipes

Chef Ramses Bravo of True North Health demonstrates making three simple but delicious vegan recipes.

BRAVO! Beans and Vegetables

Chef Ramses Bravo demonstrates how to make beans and vegetables SOS-free (no sugar, oil or salt)

The Continuum of Evil and The Perfect Personality DVD

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Eating - The Rave Diet DVD (3rd edition)

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Fast Food by Jeff Novick

Do you want to eat healthy, but hate to cook? Does cooking take too much time? Cost too much money? Is it too hard? Does… more

Gabrielle's Journey

Documentary of a women with interstitial cystitis and her experience with fasting and a health-promoting diet.

Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind DVD

In this two-part lecture series, Dr. Doug Lisle explains how to achieve weight loss success. Drawn from his work with… more

The Pleasure Trap - DVD

In this three-part lecture series, Dr. Doug Lisle provides a fascinating new perspective on how modern life can turn so many… more

Sense and Nonsense in Nutrition

Dr. Michael Klaper, one of the foremost authorities on nutrition and health, explores some of the most commonly held beliefs… more

Temptation, Deprivation, and Emotional Eating, Oh My! with Becka Kelly

In this DVD workshop you will receive clear guidance and exercises about how to transform your relationship with food. The… more

What To Do About Emotional Eating with Becka Kelley

Have you ever eaten past full? Have you ever eaten something and regretted it later?  Does your eating feel out of control… more

Understanding Your Blood Test Results

Dr. Michael Klaper, one of the foremost authorities on nutrition and health, explains how to understand your blood test… more