TrueNorth Health Pure Liquid Soap (8 oz.)

A pure liquid soap. Contains no surfactants. No scents. No coloring. Vegetable origin. Has a natural clear pale amber color. Ingredients: Purified Water Potassium Oleate Potassium Cocoate Glycerin Sodium Chloride Citric Acid The Potassium Oleate comes from the saponification of organic sunflower oil, the Potassium Cocoate comes from saponification of Organic Coconut oil and the Glycerin from the saponification of both the organic sunflower oil and Organic Coconut oil.

There are many skin cleansing preparations available and many are sold as "Soap." This may be misleading, as true soap is the product derived from natural oil and fats. Some "soaps" are in fact synthetic detergents and may be derived from crude petroleum. Even detergents derived from "natural" fatty alcohols are far from natural. So called "natural" fatty alcohols certainly use natural fatty oils or fats as starting materials, but they are then heavily processed to convert them to alcohols. The alcohols are then further reacted chemically with things like ethylene oxide and sulphuric acid. The end products are far from natural and they certainly aren't soap!

Synthetic detergents have been around for about 80 years and have been used in personal care products for less time than that, about 50 years. Soaps have a slightly longer track record in personal care, having been used for at least 2,000 years. In this time there has been little or no evidence of adverse skin reaction to soap. Contrast this with the 50-year track record of synthetic detergents; adverse reactions such as eczema are well documented and not exactly uncommon.

So how is soap made? Fatty oils are heated with a neutralizing alkali such as sodium hydroxide for solid soap or potassium hydroxide for liquid soap. A reaction takes place in which the alkali is neutralized by the oil to produce soap, and glycerin is split off from the oil. In our organic liquid castile soap the glycerine is left in the soap where it is available to act as a moisturizing humectant; and that's it. No further processing, no high-energy chemical reactions, no toxic ethylene oxide, no corrosive sulphuric acid.