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TrueNorth Health TV provides an extensive library of health-promoting videos including cooking demonstrations, lectures, documentaries and question-and-answer sessions with medical experts featuring the whole-plant-food lifestyle. Content changes often and includes internationally known guest lecturers. Topics range from fasting, nutrition, and disease prevention to money-saving medical advice and the future of food. The channel’s wide-ranging video collection includes feature presentations by established filmmakers as well as subject-specific documentaries and short films.

Available on Multiple Platforms

For your convenience, TrueNorth Health TV is available on multiple platforms. Tune in anytime on this website from your computer or from your mobile device. We also offer the same content on our TrueNorth Health TV Roku channel. For those who are not familiar, Roku is an inexpensive and easy to use steaming video player that connects directly to your television for a relaxing and enjoyable viewing experience.

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Step 1: Create a free TrueNorth Health account by clicking below if you don't currently have one. 
Step 2: Use your account to log into the TNH TV website or TNH TV Roku channel from your Roku Device.
Step 3: Browse our list of health promoting content and enjoy!

Interactive Health Education Curriculum

In addition to recorded lectures and documentaries, TrueNorth Heath TV offers an interactive health education curriculum featuring regular livestreamed presentations from the many doctors and health promoting professionals on staff at TrueNorth Health Center. To participate, follow the instructions below:

Start Learning

Step 1: Check the schedule by clicking the link below to view upcoming events.
Step 2: View the study guide videos indicated on schedule before livestreams begin to prepare for event participation.
Step 3: Log into TrueNorth Health TV website at scheduled event time, select corresponding livestream, view the lecture and participate through live chat and Q & A.

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