Michelle Cen

Michelle Cen is a health coach focused on mental health issues. She has a Stanford University B.A. in “Science, Technology & Society” and is completing a Master’s in Clinical Counseling (MACC) to become a licensed therapist.

Michelle is also a TrueNorth Health Center lecturer and Support Group facilitator. She is a Certified Peer Counselor, has developed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-informed programs, and is on the Board of Directors of a mental health organization. She has edited multiple books on mental health.

Michelle’s approach is inspired by Dr. Doug Lisle’s Esteem Dynamics. She also draws upon behavioral science and lifestyle medicine, as a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM).

Having followed the TrueNorth lifestyle since 2016 and been a patient herself, Michelle understands many obstacles patients face. She is known for her empathy, humor, and ability to find and treat the root cause of problems.

Michelle is also a public health educator. She’s appeared on many shows to speak on topics such as nutrition and mental health. Her website https://www.michellecen.com shares more of her resources. Check out her Fall 2023 Health Science magazine article about TrueNorth!

Michelle delivers personalized, practical strategies. In a coaching session, learn how to:

•    Create permanent, sustainable lifestyle change
•    Optimize your life & environment to set you up for repeated success
•    Use tools to manage stress, anxiety, depression
•    Overcome addictions, including to food
•    Process emotions that arise during fasting & times of health change
•    Resist social pressure to eat & live unhealthy
•    Understand the reasons for your feelings & compulsions

By learning how to solve their problems, clients may enjoy physical health benefits such as:

•    Improved sleep
•    Decreased blood pressure
•    Decreased inflammation
•    Pain relief
•    Improved immune system

Michelle’s diverse background helps her empathize with clients. She’s worked many roles, from leading person-centered design in the tech industry to being a nutrition & public health researcher at Stanford. She is also a nationally-recognized artist. A proponent of living a balanced lifestyle in which food is fuel, she can often be found upside-down at the circus or exploring the outdoors.