Discover The Secret Weapon of Cooking Mastery!
If you want to cook incredible dishes you need a knife that STARTS sharp and STAYS sharp. Thankfully the P600's revolutionary zirconium ceramic blade holds an edge unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Having the right tools makes any job easier. 

What's Included?
1 x P600 8" Chef's Knife
1 x P600 6" Utility Knife
1 x P600 4" Paring Knife

When you buy these knives, Chef's Foundry donates 10 hungry Americans a meal on your behalf through the amazing Feeding America organization. A portion of sales also helps to support the TrueNorth Health Foundation research and education program.


Chef's Foundry also created the world's safest non-stick pans!

The deluxe cookware set comprises of three high-quality ceramic frying pans of different sizes, including:
- 1 x 8-inch frying pan
- 1 x 9-inch frying pan
- 1 x 11-inch frying pan

The Chefs Foundry P600's superior Swiss ceramic coating can withstand extremely high heat without releasing any harmful fumes or chemicals.

The pan coating is world leading Swiss developed Xeradur 2 ceramic, which provides a non-stick surface that makes cooking and cleaning easier. The induction sheet is made of stainless steel 430, which is a high-quality material that is resistant to corrosion and rust. The outside has silicon polyester heat-resistant coating, which protects the pans from high temperatures and prevents them from warping or deforming.

Who are Chef's Foundry?
They are a leading kitchenware manufacturer specializing in sourcing high quality kitchen tools that make your life in the kitchen easier. It is our mission to make delicious healthy eating accessible by providing high quality tools that make your food prep a breeze.